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Patio p-ART-y planned

Some beautiful local art, a glass of wine on the patio and some good friends to enjoy it with. There’s no better way to wind down on a Friday evening than that.

Power Promotions is looking to provide this opportunity on Sept. 15 as they bring the inaugural Patio p-ART-y Show to the Westwood Inn patio.

“We thought it might be a neat event for our community,” said Erin Brown, a representative for Power Promotions.

Brown said their first goal is to get artists signed up and then to get the community interested in coming out.

“We’re looking for paintings and sculptures,” said Brown, noting that artists will be asked to pay a small $5 fee. “We’ve been talking with some of the known local artist and we hope to get some real quality pieces up for display.”  

From 5-8 p.m. for just $10 you will be served a delicious selection appetizers as your browse the displays, even having the opportunity to speak to many of the artists about their work and purchase their pieces on site.

“We’re going to have the patio open to the parking lot for people to enter,” she said, noting the event is only for those 18 and older.

“There will be coffee and water provided and a cash bar for those that want a little more.”

In the event of rain the show will be moved indoors.

For more information or to register as an artist for the event contact Erin Brown at 204·731·1680 or by email at powerpromotionsnow@gmail.com