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Proposed dog park discussed

The Town of Swan River held their regularly scheduled council meeting last Tuesday evening (July 4) with Mayor Glen McKenzie presiding and councillors Jason Delaurier, Phyl Friesen, Lance Jacobson, David Moriaux, Jason Sakal and Duane Whyte present.

A number of issues were discussed including the potential development of an off-leash dog park, brought forward by Whyte.

Whyte’s suggestion was to designate a corner of the Swan River Valley Agricultural Society (SRVAS) grounds as an off-leash dog park, which is a large area that is already fenced in.

“It’s central to our community,” he said. “It can reduce issues in other areas with concerns about dogs. And, it’s something that I think our community would appreciate.

“I would like council to consider approaching the (SRVAS) to see if they would allow the land to be used (for that purpose).”

Friesen stepped forward as the delegate for communicating the request.

Jeremy Bergen