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Proposed ward changes defeated

Earlier this year the RM of Mountain (RMM) was looking to make some changes to the number of representatives in their area .

A ward by-law (By-law 04/17) was proposed which would reduce the number of councillors from seven to five, and change the ward boundaries.

“The current proposal would amalgamate Ward 6 Mafeking with Ward 5 Bellsite, and eliminate Ward 3 Pulp River,” said RMM CAO Robin Wiebe at the time. “Electors from Ward 3 would become part of the larger Ward 1 Pine River or Ward 2 Cowan. However, the head of council would still be elected at large.”

The changes were proposed primarily because of an imbalance in the representation between the current wards due to the fact that they had not been revised since 1998.

It was announced earlier this month that the proposed by-law was defeated on June 28 during its second reading and that the boundaries for the 2018 general municipal election will stay the same as current.