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Advice for in camera sessions

The Municipality of Swan Valley West (MSVW) held their regularly scheduled council meeting last Tuesday evening (May 9) with Deputy Reeve Brian Burick presiding and councillors Carrie Blosha, Glen Foster, David Minish, Terry Neely, and Irwin Steen present.

Burick took over the position of deputy reeve after former deputy reeve Neely announced at a special meeting the week prior (May 2) that he no longer wanted the responsibility.

“It’s my understanding that the majority of people don’t want me sitting in as deputy reeve,” said Neely. “I don’t have a problem with that, but I do want to say that the reeve’s position doesn’t give you any more power than anyone else sitting at this table. I don’t see much point in sitting (in the reeve’s chair) if the majority of council doesn’t agree with my view on things.”

Minish nominated Burick for the seat. With no other nominations coming from the floor, Burick was elected by acclamation. Only one council member voted in opposition to resolution declaring Burick as deputy reeve.

Jeremy Bergen