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Care crisis committee formed

As the serious nature of the senior bed shortage has become a reality for far too many community members, the Long-term Care Crisis Committee (LCCC) was formed at the end of March.

“This committee was formed to work with Prairie Mountain Health, all levels of government, service organizations, private industry and the public at large to come up with solutions to the problem of relocating long-term care patients outside the Swan Valley,” said Heather Nielsen, who is one of six members of the committee chaired by Devon Jorundson.

“I am involved both as a member of the community and in my role as economic development officer with Swan Valley RISE. I do not want to see my loved ones or anyone else’s sent away to a care facility away from their home.

“Keeping people in our community ensures jobs for health care providers at all levels, and providing for our citizens makes for a healthy strong community,” Nielsen continued.

The LCCC formed after a public meeting at Swan River MLA Rick Wowchuk’s office.

Jessica Bergen