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Junior boys score two home wins


The Junior Boys basketball team hosted a tournament last Saturday (Jan. 28) at the SVRSS. Teams from Dauphin and the Pas came out to participate, getting some extra games before the end of the season. “We were not focussed on an end result so much as on the opportunity to get some extra games in with three weeks left before playoffs,” said Head Coach Jody Williams. “The three teams that played all want to be in the zone finals in their respective zones, and all three teams are quite good and could be candidates for being in the finals.” The team came out of the experience with two wins but, more importantly, they played very well. “I’m very pleased with the weekend regardless of the score,” said Williams. “A basketball game consists of four quarters, and we always look at it as being four separate small games inside of the larger game. Our hope is that we can play three of those four small games really well. At the end of the day, with eight quarters of basketball, I thought we played seven and a half of those very well. I am really very pleased with the effort and what we looked like.”

In the second and last game of the day, the team had the opportunity to play Dauphin and won 72-25. “The way tournaments work is that you don’t always get to play a certain team because of wins and losses, and we didn’t have a chance to play Dauphin in last week’s tournament,” said Williams. “Ultimately, we will have to play them in our zone championship. “We played well and didn’t really focus on the score.

Dauphin played back-to-back and the scores were not indicative of how good they are. With fresh legs, it will be a new game.” In their first game, the boys played The Pas and wrapped up with a  62-53 win. “This was a really good result for us because The Pas has a very good team, and it provided good feedback for us because it means we are improving,” said Williams. It was a good weekend for all three teams. “The coaches were happy to get some competitive games in on the weekend,” said Williams. “Scores don’t end anybody’s season in January, it’s just like a practice. “Overall, it was a good day of basketball for us. For a team that’s mostly Grade 9s, and that is working together for the first time, it’s a good sign for us that we’re working hard and doing things right. “We need to continue to work hard and to work on different aspects of our game and get better as a group, so the timing of the tournament was really good for us.”


The team will be busy preparing for the upcoming tournaments and playoffs. “February is an important month for us,” concluded Williams. “We have two fairly big tournaments that we’re attending in Flin Flon on the 10 and 11 and a tournament in Portage on the 17 and 18. Layered in between that are our playoff games. “The good thing about that is that we get some tournament play to keep us fresh, So, if there are things we need to fix we have a tournament game to work on it. If we’re successful then we get to extend the season into the last week of the month.”

Tara Mara