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Fast action saves children from fire


When tragedy strikes, people come together to help in whatever way they can. In 19-year-old Malcolm Audy’s case, he was able to rescue two family members from a burning house at Wuskwi Sipihk earlier this month. “About one o’clock in the afternoon, I heard my two-year-old cousin making some noise in the laundry room, so I opened the door of my room to go see what was going on,” he said. “As I did, I got blinded by a big cloud of black smoke and I realized the house was on fire. “I went towards the kitchen to get out, but by then I was losing my breath, so I dropped to my hands and knees,” continued Audy. “Then, I saw my one-year-old cousin under the kitchen table, so I got her and put her under me and went towards the laundry room to get my other cousin.” Audy noted that his cousin was able to crawl towards his voice, because the smoke was thick and very hard to see through. “Just as my cousin got to me, a piece of drywall fell from the ceiling right beside me,” said Audy. “I was so lucky that both of my cousins were protected at that point. “Finally, I got to the door, but I had to kick it open because it was freezing shut. “I didn’t dress the children or put any shoes on, I just got outside in bare feet and went to safety,  before calling the police,” continued Audy. All three were examined by medical staff and determined to be in good health, the situation could have been a lot worse. “I’m so glad everyone is safe, but it bugs me that I didn’t notice earlier,” said Audy. “The whole thing was so scary because I was blinded by the smoke, and my glasses had fallen off. I could feel the heat and I could hear things falling.” Audy noted that he feels more protective of his cousins after the event, and is just glad that he was able to rescue them.

Jessica Bergen


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