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Sopuck reflects on the 2016 year

As the new year turned, Dauphin–Swan River–Neepawa MP Robert Sopuck took some time to reflect on the past year of Canada’s Liberal-dominated governance, what it has meant for our local riding, and how we may be affected in 2017, in the second year of Prime Minister Trudeau’s term.
“I think the biggest bombshell for Canada was the election of Donald Trump in the United States, simply because of his views on trade policy,” said Sopuck. “The United States is our largest market. Of all the beef exported out of Canada, 70 percent of it goes to that country.”
Sopuck also discussed the uncertainty in the softwood lumber industry, with the trade agreement between Canada and the US currently lapsed, waiting for renegotiations. 
Some reports have suggested that a softwood lumber agreement be incorporated into the North American Free Trade Agreement, a free trade deal that President-elect Trump is currently unhappy with and Trudeau has stepped forward to say he is willing to renegotiate.

Jeremy Bergen