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Communities that care seeking input

The Swan Valley Communities That Care (SVCTC) is hosting their Community Information Meeting and are looking for your valuable opinion.
The SVCTC Data Subcommittee will be presenting the results from the 2016 SVCTC Youth Survey that was conducted by students in the Swan Valley School District from Grades 7 to 12.
“This is an opportunity for the community to hear about what risk and protective factors our local Valley youth are identifying, and have a chance to let SVCTC know what direction we as a community should be going in regards to programming,” said SVCTC President James Wigley.
The survey is conducted every two to three years as a way to see how programs and activities being implemented by the SVCTC are effecting Valley youth.
“The ideal would be to see, over time, risk factors decreasing and protective factors increasing from the implementation of programs,” said Wigley.
To date SVCTC has implemented three programs: Guiding Good Choices Parenting Program, Positive Parenting Program, and Life Skills Training Program for middle schoolers. These programs were designed off of the results from the 2013 Youth Survey.
“Swan Valley community members, agencies and organizations together chose the two risk factors: anti social behavior in relation to peer pressure and family conflict, at the 2014 Community Information Meeting as their focus for our Valley youth,” said Wigley. “Each survey completed will give SVCTC a road map as to what programs are working and if there are further gaps that need to be attended to.”
At the meeting the 2016 Youth Survey results will be discussed and two priority risk factors will be decided upon by the community for SVCTC to focus on.
“It is important that the community participate so they have say in regards to what direction SVCTC takes with their programming,” said Wigley. “SVCTC is a community initiative and requires community buy in and participation. The Swan Valley community has been a great supporter of SVCTC and it’s important that they keep supporting SVCTC and its efforts to create a more sustainable and healthy environment for our youth.”

Jakki Lumax