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Hunting accident injures youth

A recent example of night hunting gone awry has a remarkably more positive outcome than what could have been the case in a similar situation.
Sixteen-year-old Zane Livingston from Pine River was out setting beaver traps on Oct. 13, when a man hunting for beaver after sunset accidently shot Livingston in the face.
Soon after first responders had answered the call, Livingston was rushed out to a Winnipeg hospital, where he underwent plastic surgery to reconstruct his jaw.
“With what had happened, it was a miracle that he wasn’t hurt more than he was,” said Livingston’s mother, Kim Livingston. “His healing has gone very well. Being young, fit, and healthy has certainly played a big part in that.
“He has had a really good support system in place, and has been going back to school for half days.”
Livingston added that there is a lot about Zane’s future that they don’t know yet. A clearer picture will be determined after more healing takes place, doctors examine how successful the initial surgery was, along with seeing how he rehabilitates. With his vocal cords damaged, Zane’s speech is also currently inhibited.
“On the night (of the accident), we didn’t think that he was going to make it,” said Livingston. “And now, he is still here and is doing very well.”
Livingston noted that there has been an overwhelming amount of community support from neighbours near and far.
“I had no idea how much people wanted to help,” she said. “From the community we came from, from our new community here (in Pine River), and from the different places I’ve worked, I’ve been blessed to be around a lot of really good people in my life, and now they are there for us. It’s amazing.”
A pancake breakfast and auction was held as a medical fundraiser for the Livingston family on Sunday (Nov. 5) in Pine River. For those that still wish to contribute, the RM of Mountain is collecting donations on behalf of the family. Local businesses such as Bee Gee’s in Swan River, Kolisnyk’s General Store in Cowan, and Urbanowski’s Garage, Semeniuk’s Lucky Dollar, and D and O Soloway Outfitters in Pine River are able to collect donations for the family as well.
RM of Mountain councillor Wilmer Malcolm, who represents the Pine River ward, said that he has been in numerous meetings with provincial government representatives, who seem to be stepping up and taking notice of this accident in the midst of an ongoing dialogue regarding night hunting in Manitoba.
A 67-year-old man from Duck Bay was charged with careless use of a firearm, as a result of this incident.

Jeremy Bergen