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How the upcoming Town of Swan River by-law hearings will impact you

The Town of Swan River (TSR) has three public hearings coming up on Nov. 21 preceding their regularly scheduled meeting. All three public hearings are regarding by-laws dealing with what are considered special service taxes and fees, and will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the TSR council chamber.
Two of the public hearings were advertised broadly because the related by-laws would affect all ratepayers.
By-Law No. 18/2017 applies a special service tax for police protection – of which a total of $1.1 million per year for the next two years is being budgeted for.
“The amount is staying the same for (police protection),” said TSR CAO Julie Fothergill.
By-Law No. 19/2017 will affect all ratepayers will allow council to collect a special service levy for services such as fire protection, street cleaning and maintenance, doctor recruitment, snow removal, and the like.
“There has been a slight increase in that (by-law), which worked out to an approximately 0.25 mill increase,” said Fothergill.
“It doesn’t mean we’re taxing more, but we’re taking a little bit off of the general municipal levy and moving it over onto that special services by-law.”

Jeremy Bergen