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A decade and a half of divine dining experiences


A local entrepreneur has spent the last 15 years building a brand for himself based on quality, skills and ambition. Like many of the world’s elite, he needs only a first name to be recognized in the local restaurant scene – Johnny.

At just 32 years old, Johnny Wintoniw has spent the past decade and a half perfecting his culinary skills professionally, first with Johnny’s Catering and then his restaurant Y Not Johnny’s. But, his love for cuisine goes much further back than that.
“Throughout my school days, I always had a passion for cooking, even starting my own cookie business in Grade 6,” he said. “I then purchased a Snow Cone business in my early years of high school. In the back of my mind,
“I always knew I would end up in the Food Service industry.”

As he came to this realization, Wintoniw began focusing on the steps that would get him to his new goal, taking all the culinary arts classes the SVRSS offered and then attending Red River College to become a Red Seal Chef.
“I look at food as more than sustenance, but a view of an entire larger picture,” he said. “I pride myself on knowing where our food comes from and utilizing every ingredient to create amazing works of art.
“I have even gone as far as California to tour crop fields to see firsthand how some of the ingredients I have to import are grown, processed and transported.”

Due to Wintoniw’s drive to succeed, his businesses have flourished since their inception.
“It is an amazing feeling to have customers smile after they enjoy a wonderful meal,” he said. “There is a sense of accomplishment when it comes to the creation of food.
“The pivotal moment, that really solidified my decision to continue in the field, was knowing how quickly we outgrew all of the spaces I started my businesses with.
“I began growing my catering company in the basement of my home, and then an opportunity came up to purchase my first downtown restaurant location in 2007, on Sixth Avenue North. We quickly needed more space and in 2010 I took over my current location, at 1496 Third Street North, all the while continuing to grow my catering company.”