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Growing up in the Valley has made me realize the importance and impact that rural living has had on me as an individual and working at the Star and Times for the past year has opened my eyes further to the all the exciting events and passionate people that we share our community with. I am reminded every week when I am out and about, covering events, what a wonderful community I am a part of. The way that this community comes together to support someone in need or to organize an event never ceases to amaze me. It is because of these things that I can tell others, with pride, that I live in the Swan River Valley. I am thrilled to be in a position that allows me to continue to share both the triumphs and tribulations of the community with my fellow residents by bringing you, our readers, the information that matters most. I look forward to hearing all of your suggestions about how you think that we can better serve the community. My door is always open – stop in, shoot me off an email or give me a call. 


Danielle Gordon-Broome


Kim McCullough

While I have lived all over the prairie provinces, time and time again I find myself returning to the beautiful Swan River Valley and my small town, country roots. Writing runs deep in my blood. From a young age, as a student at Benito Elementary School, and later, the Swan Valley Regional Secondary School, I have been in love with the written word. An avid reader and writer for my entire life, it’s an absolute joy for me to attain a position in which I can put my passion and skills to use. Creative writing was always an area in which I excelled as a young girl. I remember staying up late to write stories and poems for school projects, or to hide under my bed sheets with a flashlight, reading novels well into the night. To this day I still find myself reading or writing until all hours of the morning. I am very interested in meeting and learning more about our wonderful community, and look forward to learning the ropes in this diverse and exciting industry.


I was born and raised in Minitonas and then later Swan River, moving to Edmonton after high school. I graduated with my Diploma in Correctional Services and my Degree in Criminal Justice and spent my time working closely with the high risk, low income, and multicultural population, teaching and learning about community and partnerships in Canada for over 17 years.   I was helping to change large city, disengaged, unconnected, isolated families thinking, into a small town atmosphere, culture and lifestyle. Really, trying to create where I came from all along. I have a passion for helping young people and families through the Stages of Change and being relentless in my counseling and finding resources through partnership for support. I love people and how we interact with each other, how we treat each other and how we engage with the community, family and friends. I am very much looking forward to attending and participating in all the activities in our community. The fundraisers, the social events, the history, and even the conflicts that arise that make us the community I am so excited to be a part of. I’m looking forward to meeting the folks I haven’t, and reconnecting with all the folks that have helped to make me the person I am. 

  .... Stacy

Stacy Grindle


Jeremy Bergen

I am excited to be a part of the team at the Star & Times.  I grew up on a farm around Winnipegosis, moved across the province to go to study theatre and media for four years, and married a farmer's daughter from the Valley.  Having lived in Manitoba's two biggest cities for four years, my wife and I are eager to once again live in a small community that has become my second hometown.  I have wanted to be a professional writer for almost as long as I've known how to read and loved taking pictures for nearly the same amount of time.  I believe that stories are a cornerstone of culture.  Telling these stories and preserving them are an important step in preserving the values of a community.  I am glad I can use my gifts and passions to serve the community in this way.  My wish is that I can capture the stories around me and preserve them so that the events of today can become the memories of tomorrow.  I look forward to learning how to serve you as a journalist and representing in my words and pictures what the people in the community care about.  I can’t wait to meet you and become a familiar face in the Valley.